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When we say fishing is for everyone, we really do mean everyone! With the numerous methods of fishing available, there is bound to be something for everyone. We have Deep Sea Fishing, which is a type of fishing that takes place further away from the shore and on deeper waters. To be considered deep sea fishing, the boat must be on at least 30 meters of water deep. This method of fishing may also be called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, or big game fishing. There is also bottom fishing which is done by using a weight tied to the end of the line and a hook placed just above the weight. The main goal here is take the bait to the bottom of the sea and present it to the fish, luring them to the hook. This is the main reason why fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. You don’t have to stick with just one type, of course. In order for you to find which type of fishing you like the most or which one best fits your interests and lifestyle, it would be best for you to try out multiple methods. Here’s one that we offer here at Seven Seas Dubai, read on and see if this one’s for you.


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For now, let’s talk about trolling fishing. It is a method where one or more fishing lines are drawn through the water which makes use of lures or baits. Trolling fishig is much more exciting when compared to other methods of fishing, and it is also highly effective for catching bass at depths where most are uncomfortable with normal cast-and-retrieve techniques. Trolling is also widely used to target and catch pelagic fish such as Barracuda, cobia, salmon, and kingfish.

This is usually done with a moving boat, or by slowly winding the line when fishing from a stationary post, or even sweeping the line from side-to-side. Trolling is used for both recreational and commercial fishing. Trolling from a moving boat involves moving very slowly through the water with the use of a trolling motor. Outriggers are of big help to trolling fishing as these help spread the lines more widely and reduces the chances of tangling. Downriggers are of big help as well; these are used to keep the lures and baits trailing at a desired depth.

If you are looking for a one day escape or a unique activity to do for the whole family, trolling fishing Dubai is the perfect choice for a fun-filled day. Fishing in Dubai is an activity anyone can enjoy regardless of their age and it is a remarkable way of teaching children about important things like conservation, water safety, and marine life. It can also be a fun way of learning about fish; let us know which kind of fish you are looking to catch and we can make arrangements for the boat and tackles accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!