Deep sea fishing in Dubai

Deep Sea Fishing trips in Dubai

Fishing is an activity that cannot be deduced to just one category. There is a multitude of ways in which one can enjoy fishing, there’s deep sea fishing, trolling fishing, bottom fishing, and quite a handful more. This is the main reason why fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. You don’t have to stick with just one type, of course. In order for you to find which type of fishing you like the most or which one best fits your interests and lifestyle, it would be best for you to try out multiple methods. Here’s one that we offer here at Seven Seas Dubai, read on and see if this one’s for you:
Deep Sea Fishing is a type of fishing that takes place further away from the shore and on deeper waters. To be considered deep sea fishing, the boat must be on at least 30 meters of water deep. This method of fishing may also be called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, or big game fishing.


Deep sea fishing in Dubai


Deep Sea Fishing is a truly unique method of fishing as the variety and numerous species of fish one finds when one fishes in deeper waters are totally different from those found on regular shallow waters. It isn’t often called big game fishing for nothing, as the catch one finds are truly unique. There’re sharks, tuna, marlin, and swordfish, just to mention a few. These big game fishes aren’t found closer to shore on shallow waters as they require open water and deeper waters to feed and thrive. The anglers or fishermen are then exposed to a huge pool of deep sea fish by boarding a boat and sailing further away from the shore.

In the case of Deep Sea Fishing, the philosophy of the further you go, the better the things you’ll find certainly applies. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to catch a big catch, and these anglers often feed on the challenge that Deep Sea Fishing brings.

With the ease of a nice fishing boat and the right equipment, Deep Sea Fishing is an activity that will be enjoyable for both the expert and the newbie. With the most up to date fishing equipment and accessories, your trip will surely be a breezy and stress-free one. At Seven Seas Passenger Yachts & Boats Rental, our boats will offer navigation, fish finding, as well as safety features, since our primary concern is to make your fishing experience a truly pleasant and safe one. Being your one-stop solution for everything you need, our fleet will provide the angler with rod, reel, bait, tackle and fishing instructions. With all the help and support we provide, it becomes an easy to carry out activity for even the amateurs. So try out Deep Sea Fishing now! Your next open water adventure is a mere booking away. Our promise is to sail you to an adventure you will surely remember, but cannot promise that you won’t go looking for more.