Tour in Dubai, water activities this Summer

 Tour in Dubai , water activities this Summer


Here in the concrete desert, summer is definitely on its way! We’re starting to feel the heat and although it indeed can get uncomfortable at times, we can’t deny that summer is a great time to be in Dubai! It’s a desert first and foremost, after all. Naturally, the people here have learned to make the most out of the scorching UAE heat. So, do not fret if it’s your first time to be in Dubai for the summer or if you’re just not that much of a heat lover. Dubai is equipped with fun activities for the entire family, both indoors and outdoors! Here are some of the most exciting summer finds Dubai has to offer:




skidubaiSki Dubai


For all of you out there who just can’t stand hot climates, this one is definitely for you. Ever heard of an indoor snow park? Well, Dubai has it! It is situated inside the Mall of the Emirates and has all the amenities one expects to find in a ski resort. Tube slides, slopes, high jumps, a 3,000-metre interactive Snow Park, even a zip line! You can even take skiing lessons if you’re interested in learning a new hobby. It is the perfect escape for the entire family, especially when Dubai’s heat gets a little too much for you. Watch out for the King Penguins, too! You will get a chance to see these little cuties swimming and playing – that in itself is reason enough to try out Ski Dubai! So, if you get a chance to pass by this truly one-of-a-kind park, be sure to try it out!







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 Atlantis, The Palm


For most of us, summer is a time for water-related activities and outings. Well, lucky for us, Dubai has quite a number of truly exceptional waterparks! One of which is the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. This is situated in the heart of the world-renowned Palm Jumeirah, and is located right on Atlantis Dubai. Aside from the many rides and attractions one can try out in Aquaventure, guests may also interact with unique wildlife while on the resort. There are sea lions, rays, and you can even swim with dolphins! Furthermore, if you want to try out diving or are already into diving, you can try out an aquarium dive! All of these experiences are truly unique and definitely worth a try if you are in the area. You definitely won’t go wrong with a trip to Atlantis this summer!









Tour in Dubai, water activities this SummerTour in Dubai


Let’s not forget about the outdoors this summer! It is no surprise that people would want to choose an indoor activity more often than not, as the climate does go well beyond tolerable at times. But there is also a very good amount of perfect sunny summer days and of course, when these days come, we wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get outside and experience the outdoors! Fishing trips are perfect for these summer days, as you will not only get the chance to go outside, this will also be an opportunity for you and the family to reconnect with nature, and with each other! Fishing is a truly unique activity in itself as it provides just the right amounts of relaxation and excitement! Sail away on a yacht and go catch your own dinner, the waters of the gulf are crawling with a huge variety of fish. If you want something more relaxing, a cruise tour isn’t a bad idea either! Go see the wonders of Dubai while cruising on a fancy yacht with your closest friends! If you’re up for it, you can go for a dip on the clear blue waters of the gulf as well! These are summer activities you surely won’t want to miss out on!