Helping the ocean, one shoe at a time!

The world is vast and beautiful and there is so much to see and experience – this is a fact. The world is dying and we aren’t doing enough to help it – sadly, this is also a fact. With the problems of fishing malpractices becoming more and more evident throughout the entire world, it is crucial that we do what we can to lessen the damage, especially those of us in the fishing industry.


We have problems like dynamite fishing, bottom trawling, cyanide fishing, we can go on and on. We all know that the sea offers us so much more than just fish to eat and a nice place to swim in. It is a source of life for all of us, both figuratively and literally. The problem here lies on a very common (not to mention extremely incorrect) way of thinking that most people adhere to – that everything in this world is unlimited, when actually the polar opposite is true. Ours is a finite earth. Water, the fishes that inhabit our seas, we think we have so much of these necessities that we often haplessly waste them or take advantage of them. Destructive fishing practices have become a highly serious problem for our entire world, and there is no doubt that we are feeling the consequences today, there being less and less fish to catch and it being harder and harder to catch these fishes.


Luckily, though, we have millions of people as well who are taking part in the saving of our seas. Although the effort of these millions will hardly outweigh the damage that has been done, it is the least that we could do to help alleviate our loss. Big companies such as Adidas, in fact, have made the initiative to help people become more aware of the problems that our seas and fisheries are currently facing. Here’s a little sneak peak:





Adidas partnered up with Parley For The Oceans, an environmentalism organization, and created a concept sneaker made entirely out of plastic waste and leftover fishing nets found in the ocean. This is in an effort to raise awareness on one of the many problems our seas are currently facing, which is water pollution. These very products are poison to our seas and not only kill marine life, but endanger us humans as well. There is a huge lack of understanding when it comes to the fact that what we put in our seas, we put in our bodies as well. It is crucial that we inform and educate ourselves on proper fishing etiquette, especially in our line of business. We are not only promoting fishing as a sport or hobby, we are, more importantly, promoting proper protocol and practice to help our 2nd home, the ocean, to be healthy and prosperous once again.