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Dubai may be deemed throughouDeep sea fishing Dubait the world as a metropolitan mogul, but it has definitely not forgotten its roots. Among the thousands of activities one can choose to do in Dubai, there is one that remains close to its heart and heritage, that’s right – fishing. Before Dubai became the cosmopolitan jungle it is today, it thrived as a fishing village. Dubai once prospered as a small coastal village whose main mode of living was trading, fishing, and pearl harvesting. It then grew to be one of the world’s leading tourist destinations in an extremely short span of time, just about three decades. Despite the undoubtedly rapid growth of its economy and overall development, Dubai has certainly not forgotten where it came from.



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Fishing remains to be one of the top picks for Dubai residents, but is often inconspicuous and frequently glossed-over by other ‘typical’ tourist attractions. This doesn’t stop it from prospering in its own category, though. It may be one of the more underrated activities when it comes to tourism but it definitely still is a huge contender in its own right. With the constantly growing number of fishing trip and cruising tour companies, and more people trying out these activities, we see the fishing tours industry going nowhere but up.


Deep sea fishing Dubai is a truly special experience as a big catch and sunny weather aren’t the only things one should look forward to. It is an opportunity to see Dubai in a whole new light, free from the noise and fast-paced life in the city. This is a revitalizing activity if anything, and although people’s perception of Dubai is usually of its glitz and glamour, this type of activity is a good channel to showcase the other side of Dubai, one of its culture and dexterity. This is also why fishing and cruising remain amongst the top picks for family trips, as these activities open the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors while doing something rewarding at the same time.


It is no secret that the waters of Dufishing in dubaibai are thriving with marine life, thus making not only Dubai, but its neighboring emirates as well, a world class fishing destination. With a huge variety of species just under your hook, it’s hard to say no to an exciting day out at sea. Much more than just promoting the prosperous marine life and fisheries, it is also all about promoting proper fishing practices. We have both passionate anglers and newbies joining us on our trips and we make sure that we are able to give them the thrill of fishing without letting the marine environment pay the price.