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Best tours in Dubai

All best tours in Dubai There is quite a lot to see best tours in Dubai, that’s for sure. We have just about something for everyone! With all the interesting things to see, visit, and experience, it can be quite a challenge to have a good itinerary going. Well, because of the numerous tour options […]

Tour in Dubai, water activities this Summer

 Tour in Dubai , water activities this Summer   Here in the concrete desert, summer is definitely on its way! We’re starting to feel the heat and although it indeed can get uncomfortable at times, we can’t deny that summer is a great time to be in Dubai! It’s a desert first and foremost, after […]

Helping the ocean, one shoe at a time!

The world is vast and beautiful and there is so much to see and experience – this is a fact. The world is dying and we aren’t doing enough to help it – sadly, this is also a fact. With the problems of fishing malpractices becoming more and more evident throughout the entire world, it […]

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Fishing Trips, Deep sea fishing Dubai

Dubai may be deemed throughout the world as a metropolitan mogul, but it has definitely not forgotten its roots. Among the thousands of activities one can choose to do in Dubai, there is one that remains close to its heart and heritage, that’s right – fishing. Before Dubai became the cosmopolitan jungle it is today, it […]